Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring forward . . . !!!

I know spring is just around the corner when we move our clocks ahead one hour  so we are now on Daylight Savings Time.  It really doesn't save any daylight, just makes you think there's more because you get up one hour earlier (ugghh!) and have more sunshine in the evening.  The farther north you live, the less sense Daylight Savings Time seems to make.  The only part of Canada who doesn't switch their clocks is our neighbours to the east in Saskatchewan . . . . maybe they're on to something.!

Now this is a sure sign of spring . . .

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Cute little Butterfly Garden quilt (Kansas Troubles Quilters pattern) - made with an assortment of batiks and complete with raw edge appliqued flowers and a couple of butterflies!  Don't look at all the snow still lying around in the background (!)  Glide thread (6 colours!!!); Butterfly Garden panto (perfect choice) from Willow Leaf Studio (Jodi Beamish) and Hobbs 80/20 batting. 

The fabric is very "busy", so the quilting doesn't show up in the pictures.  I used the panto design in the outside blue areas, and freehand butterflies, leaves and flowers in the centre with echoing around the appliques.  Sure looks like spring to me!

Butterfly Garden - still needs embellishments on the butterfly

Butterfly Garden - embellishments will be on the flowers

The finished quilt will have embellishments on the flowers and the butterflies . . . but that can't be done before it's quilted.

Last weekend, I went to Las Vegas with my four sisters..... it was a celebration of my youngest sister's 50th birthday (how did that happen?).  So, it was quite fitting that we went to see Menopause - The Musical

 "Never before have hot flashes, mood swings, memory loss and weight gain been so hilarious as they are in Menopause the Musical! Laugh, cry and sweat your night away with four wacky characters as they confess their experiences with getting older to the tunes of popular ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s songs! " 

Enough said . . . .

Ten more days til spring!

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