Friday, 29 November 2013

In defense of the Pantograph ,. . .

Sometimes pantograph quilting gets a bad rap . . . I mean really, a bad rap! 

Yes, pantograph quilting is predictable, and yes, it can at times be down right mind-numbing . . . BUT, it's an efficient and economical method of turning quilt tops into their intended purpose . . . a useable quilt!

And, there are so many different pantographs . . . the choice of design and thread is part of the creative process!  My customers and I decide on the quilting together - based on budget, piecing elements, use of the quilt and personal preference.

I know many, many quilters (piecers) that want consistent, predictable quilting - at an affordable price . . . and that's what pantograph quilting can offer for them.  Don't get me wrong, I love custom quilting, and exploring the endless possibilities of free motion designs, but there is a place for the pantograph, too.

OK, I feel better now!

Happy Quilting!


Kathy said...

75% of the quilting I do for clients is pantographs and they love the finally results! I find as long as I don't keep doing the same one over and over again that I don't mind it at all. So the key is to have a large selection! :)
I think most longarm quilters get a lot of satisfaction from helping others finish there quilts, whether it is custom or panto. Like you said turning a quilt top into a usable quilt for someone is a great feeling.

Andrea said...

Custom quilting is exhausting work and I enjoy pantograph quilting. Like Kathy said though, as long as I don't keep doing the same one over and over again...

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