Monday, 4 November 2013

Heading into winter . . . .

Hallowe'en has come and gone, and we have experienced the first big snowstorm of the year.  We put the suet blocks up for the birds - which made the blue jay and some of his friends (woodpeckers; flickers; sapsuckers) very happy.  They should be heading south soon - today I saw a huge flock of geese waving their wings goodbye - they'll be back next year.

I learn something with every quilt I do . . . this one, for example, taught me to ALWAYS measure the backing carefully before loading.  Sylvia did a beautiful job of piecing her quilt - and she added extra fabric to the backing to ensure I had enough to attach to the leaders on my machine.  When I started on the top, I should have snugged it up one more inch - because when I got to the bottom I was 1/2" short on the backing - argh!!!  It meant that Sylvia will have to cut the bottom border by 1/2 inch - which isn't a really big deal - but I could have prevented that in the first place - so sorry, Sylvia.  :(

Starburst panto, Hobbs 80/20 batting, Glide thread - celery
Sylvia's Floral Quilt
I also learn many stories about the quilts people bring for me to long arm - who they are for, why they are so special, etc.  Jessie made this quilt for her yet-to-be born very special granddaughter.  She needed it for the baby shower - and with the move, my trip to Newfoundland, a few tension issues and other commitments, I just about didn't get it done for her .... but here it is - it may have gone to the baby shower unbound - but it made it there!

Freehand feather/swirls; Hobbs 80/20 batting; Superior thread

Jessie's quilt - hangin' with Freeda

Jessie's quilt - close up

Jessie's quilt for her grand daughter - heart quilted in the yellow square

Becky made this quilt for her mom - another special quilt for a special gift.   I love the way the batik 25 patches are framed with the brown fabric.  The gold thread just adds a little bit of pizzazz to that brown fabric - and works very nicely with the batiks.

Antique Lace panto; Glide thread - Military Gold; Hobbs 80/20 batting

Becky's quilt - close up

Becky's quilt - hangin' with Freeda

Carolyn is going to put this beautiful blue strip quilt on a guest room bed.  It is huge - 94 x 115!  She pieced the top of the backing so that when it's folded down on the bed, you see the pieced backing - what a great idea!  When she picks this one up she's got another one for me - just as big and I imagine it will be just as nice.

Glide thread - Cloud; Antique Lace panto

Carolyn's quilt - hangin' with Freeda

Carolyn's quilt - to folded back to show the pieced backing

Carolyn's quilt - close up

..... and last for this post - Cheryl's "Good to Be Square" quilt.  I used one of the patterns in the blocks as the inspiration for the panto design.  Cheryl used Minkee backing which really shows off the quilting design - and don't you love the pop of that red inner border?

 I wish I had taken better pictures of it - because it really is a great quilt - but I wanted to get home quickly the other day as the snow was coming down fast and furiously so I just needed to pack up and get on the road - it was a white-knuckle trip but I made it home safe and sound.

Glide Thread; Wrought Iron panto

Cheryl's Good to be Square

Snow tires are on, snow brush in the back seat - extra gloves, blankets and candles in the trunk - all set for winter driving in Alberta!  Until next time - stay safe on the roads . . . from the Little House

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