Monday, 11 November 2013

Ricky Tims Convergence . . . and Dresden Plate

Last fall, before I left for Mexico, I put a certificate in a silent auction for a fundraiser for the Alberta Children's Hospital.  Sue won the bid, and unfortunately we weren't able to connect with the quilting . . . until now.  Sue has fallen crazy in love with Ricky Tims convergence quilts - click here to get an idea of the convergence quilt technique (I'm going to have to try this . . )
Sue made one smaller quilt/bed runner for a friend at university, and two small wall hangings.

Convergence Quilt on Freeda

Convergence Quilts

Convergence - wall hangings
 The green tones and batik fabrics for this wall hanging really compliment each other.  I used Glide Thread - light olive; Wandering Jasmine panto.  You can't see it in this photo, but in one of the borders is some hand writing in Mandarin.  This quilt has a very peaceful aura to it.

Convergence - wall hanging
 A brighter version of the convergence quilt wall hanging.  Quilted with Glide thread - marigold; Freehand echoed teardrops.  I was really pleased with the way the thread shows in the reds and greens, but blends in the yellows . . .

Convergence wall hanging - close up

Jacquie did a wonderful job on her Dresden Plate quilt.  Each one of the Dresden petals (not sure if that's what you call them)  is hand appliqued onto the background fabric.  I used Wonderfil Invisifil (smoke) thread to outline each petal in the Dresden (lots of stitch in the ditch practice!); then Glide thread for the denser background fill in each block to make those dresdens "pop" forward; feathers in the sashings and outer border.

I hadn't used Invisifil thread before, and really liked it for SID work.  I had to loosen off the top tension quite a bit as the thread was breaking, but after I got that worked out, it was smooth sailing for all the ditch work. 

Jacquie\s Dresden Plate

Dresden Plate - close up of Stitch in the Ditch; feathers in sashing


The quilts in the que are stacking up . . . I guess it's because it's getting closer to Christmas.  I think I have 15 to do in the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, after next week, I'll have to close the intake for this year.  The new studio space is working out extremely well and both Betty Ann and I are getting plenty of work done.  The rental certification classes are filling, and we expect our machines to be purring along with renters on a pretty regular basis - but, I have to remember to save space for me to finish my customer quilts!

It's a busy time at the Little House . . . next up, Brenda's Christmas present quilts - she's been a busy quilter!

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